What is commercial cleaning?
It's the basic cleaning requirement of almost every business in every city - and it's an extraordinarily large market. It typically involves emptying bins, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms and dusting. It's a basic but essential service that's resilient even in economic downturns.

What is a Cleantastic franchise?
It's your own commercial cleaning business with experienced help. When you purchase a franchise you get the right to use the Cleantastic commercial cleaning business system, our name, support and technical expertise. You'll receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals. In fact, you'll have everything you need to get started, including a client base. You choose the size of the business you would like to start with.

Why is Cleantastic so successful?
We believe it's because we give our clients what they really want - a professional cleaning service carried out by well trained people who take pride in their work.

Are there any ongoing fees?
Yes. Like many franchise systems we charge an ongoing royalty and administration fee. Ask your master franchisee for details.

Is it possible to start out part-time?
Lots of our franchisees take the business on full-time, although the smaller packages can be run on a part-time basis. Often it's better to start small and grow.

Is there a guarantee of work?
Cleantastic provides a specific written guarantee that you will be offered a set amount of work over a set period. If Cleantastic cannot provide the set amount of work to you at any time during the set period, Cleantastic will pay you as though you had been provided with the work. There are of course some conditions that apply to the guarantee. The guarantee is subject to the terms of the franchise agreement and will be fully explained to you by a member of the Cleantastic team before you enter into a franchise agreement.

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