Our Programme

How does GreenSpring work?

“...sustainable cleaning to protect health and assets without damaging the environment”

Our GreenSpring programme focuses on a systemised approach to environmentally sustainable cleaning. At the core is Cleantastic’s customised schedule of duties for the individual cleaning requirements of each facility. The GreenSpring system is then overlaid on this solid platform to deliver a high-quality, environmentally friendly clean.


The 10 Pillars of a GreenSpring Clean

  1. Improved chemical selection – where possible, we use chemicals that have been certified by an independent third party as environmentally friendly.
  2. Increased use of micro-fibre instead of chemicals – micro-fibre dusting cloths and fl at mops remove soil without the need for chemical compounds.
  3. Increased focus on internal and external entryways – we trap and remove dirt and pollutants before they enter the building by increasing the frequency with which we clean the entrances and entryway mats.
  4. Minimisation of particles and chemicals in the air – we mechanically capture dust and dirt, using coarse spray for chemicals and applying the cleaner to the cloth rather than spraying the surface to be cleaned.
  5. Use of chemical management systems for accurate product dilution – our people are trained to use chemicals properly to minimise waste and maximise cleaning efficiency.
  6. Emptying of vacuum bags at the end of shifts or when half full, for cleaner and more efficient operating.
  7. Increased focus on vacuuming, extraction, rinsing and drying – carpets can be a host for moisture problems and mould growth. Green cleaning means minimising these problems.
  8. Proper application of cleaning agents in toilets – we ensure the chemical has proper dwell time to ensure thorough hygenic cleaning.
  9. Use of best practice to prevent cross-contamination – for example, we use colour-coded tools to ensure that pollutants don’t get carried from one area (such as a toilet) to another.
  10. Careful consideration of dispensing options – we aim to dispense from large bulk supplies to minimise packaging and waste.