Training and Support

Good cleaners are trained, not born!

All Cleantastic franchisees complete a structured training program that covers not only the cleaning itself, but also customer service, health & safety procedures and owning your own business.

Customer service training
Customer service is a critical area of any successful service provider. At Cleantastic, things aren't any different. We are totally committed to customer service and so this forms part of your training.
Technical detail
In order to do your job effectively we need to ensure that you understand the technical areas of the cleaning process. Our training programme is delivered through a multi-faceted approach including an online component. Before going to service your own clients you would be professionally trained by a Cleantastic franchisee trainer. In addition, we run separate training programmes on more specialised areas of cleaning.


Dealing with the many issues that face a small business can be difficult for a new business owner. Cleantastic will provide expert help, support and guidance in all areas of your business. Going into business can be a lonely experience, but not with a Cleantastic Franchise. We're just a phone call away for advice and help on how to run your business more effectively.