What is a Cleantastic™ Master Franchise?
As a Cleantastic™ Master Franchisee, you would be one of a small number of Master Owners allowed to run the Cleantastic™ system in your area, selling franchises and running the support business for those franchisees.

What would my role be?
You would be responsible for three main areas of the business:

  • Negotiating cleaning contracts using the Cleantastic™ system
  • Selecting and selling new franchisees to come into the busines
  • Running franchise support functions.

How would I make money out of my business?
There are three main areas from which you would receive income:

  • From initial franchise fees from new franchisees
  • From ongoing royalty income from existing franchisees
  • From profits from contracts run by your Master Franchise.

How many Master Franchise opportunities are available?
Unfortunately, there are very few Master Franchise opportunities available. Once a Master Franchise has been selected, that person or company owns the exclusive rights to that area. This considerably limits the number of franchises available. Please contact us so that we can advise you of availability in your area.

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